Patient User Accounts

User accounts allow people to login in online and manage their appointments. Sometimes you need the ability to allow family members (dad) to manage appointments on behalf of another family member (son). User Accounts will allow you do do this. 

  1. Login in Admin.
  2. Click on the name of the Patient that you want to invite Users to manage that Patient's appointments.
  3. Under the More tab click on Users.
  4. Click on Invite User.
  5. Add Email.
  6. For added security click on Require a Verification Code (Not Mandatory). This requires the patient to enter a verification code to connect their user account which will validate them as the intended recipient.  They will need to contact the clinic for that Verification Code. 
  7. The intended recipient will receive an email to create a new account or login into an existing account to accept the invitation to create that connection.
  8. Click on the Black Triangle to Resend the invitation, get the Link and send it directly from your email, or Delete the association.

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