Patient Birthdays

This report will allow you to display patient birthdays.

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Click on Graph icon (Reports) in the left navigation
  3. Under the Patient section click on Patient Birthdays
  4. Select the Date Range and Apply Filter
  5. Click Download (it will be downloaded as a CSV file)
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    Jennifer Schade

    Is there any way to have a pre-done email wishing a client Happy Birthday and the system will just send it to them automatically?  If not, this should be in the works as well as a email for clients that haven't come in in a while.  It would be awesome to make something up and have the system just send it.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.  In the meantime you can run the birthday report and import the list  into Mail chimp  and send out birthday wishes.




    SOAP Vault Team

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