Managing Online Patient Registrations

When a patient books an appointment through your Online Booking page for the first time, they will be added to the Clinic Admin's dashboard under the Online Patient Registrations pane.  From here you have a few options:

Accept Patient
This will accept the patient into your clinic, you can optionally send them an intake form at this time as well.


Merge Patient
The patient may have booked for the first time, creating them a new Patient Profile. However, they may already exist in your Patient list.  If this is the case, you can simply Merge this new Online Patient Registration with the existing Patient Profile.  The appointment will be moved to the existing Patient Profile and the duplicate Patient Profile which they just created will be removed.


Deny Patient
You have the option to deny the patient, which will remove them from your clinic, including their appointment.  Optionally you can send them a custom email message at this time.

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    David Villers

    can't find merge option

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    This has been transferred to a ticket for ease of explanation.





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