Creating Clinic Policy & Terms

  1. Login as the Admin.
  2. Under the Patient heading click From Template
  3. Click New Form Template
  4. Create your Policy & Terms
  5. Click Save.


What happens if I want to change my Policy & Terms?

If you decide to change any part of your Policy & Terms, you have the ability to also reset all patients to no longer have the Policy & Terms marked as accepted.  This is optional.  Otherwise, another method to update your patients would be to send an email blast to your patient list, notifying them of the update.  You can use the MailChimp Integration for this if you prefer.

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    Helen Howe

    Can't paste my policy into the text box. Short of re-writing the extensive consent form how am I supposed to get the policy in there?


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    Helen, you should be able to copy/paste into it? 

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