Patients cannot see all of my available time slots

If you have more time slots than are appearing on your patient's online booking page, it's probably because you have reached your maximum time slots per segment currently set in your clinic.  Some clinics prefer to be strict and book appointment in order, and others would like more flexibility and allow the patients to book throughout the day.  To update the number of appointments to display per time slot, follow these steps.

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Click Settings (Gear icon)
  3. Under the Clinic Calendar heading click Online Booking
  4. Update the value of Appointments Per Segment to the desired value
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    Dermod Wood

    Documentation is very superficial. I've no idea how 'Appointments per Segment" works. Is that for the clinic or just for the therapist? What happens with a mix of 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments?

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    Hana Yohe

    I have also been searching for the answer to Dermod's question and can't find one!

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    Support Manager

    Sorry for the lack of clarity.  This is specifically for patients booking.  It simply refers to the maximum number of available start times to show to a patient per segment (morning, afternoon and evening).

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