Setting up Services


The Services area of SOAP Vault, allows you to create Service Categories (Massage Therapy), Services (Hot Stone Massage) and Durations and Specific Costs of each treatment.  As well, you are able to associate Practitioners to specific services.

How to add a Service

  1. Login as Admin.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Billing Category click Services.
  4. Click Add Category to add your first category of services.
  5. Enter then name of the category and click Save.
  6. Click Add Service to add the first service.
  7. You will see a dialog containing the following fields.  Add in the name, description and as many durations as you like.  Lastly, associate the service to as many practitioners as you like.

Repeat the above steps until you have all your services entered into SOAP Vault.


Display in Online Booking controls whether or not the service is displayed to patients when booking online.  

Call to Book controls whether or not the patient can complete their booking of the specific service online, otherwise, they will be prompted to call on the final step.

Show Price controls whether or not to display the price of the service to patients when they book online.


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    audrey seale

    I have just joined and would like to add a service.. I have done the above a few times to try get it to work but a red banner keeps popping up saying it cant add a service / please complete the form.. I have no idea why as I have filled in everything

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    Audrey, it sounds like you probably entered invalid information in the form.  I'll open a ticket to help you.  

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    Jodi Case Registered Massage Therapist

    Hello, The same thing is happening to me, big red bar that won't let me continue.

    Thank you

  • 0

    Jodi, can you send a screenshot of the issue and email it to  We would love to help you out!

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