Customize Notifications Sent to Patients


Emails, Text Messages and Phone Calls which are sent to patients can be customized by following these steps.

  1. Login as the Admin.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Patient category click Notification Templates.
  4. Click the desired Edit button.
  5. This page contains both the Subject and Content of the template.  
  6. Below is an example of a subject line which contains a variable.

  7. Variables in the notification template allow you to have specific information inserted into a message sent to a patient.  For example, if a patient's name is "Bob", and you would like to say "Hello Bob" in your message, then you would need to use the variable of Patient's First Name in the sentence.  Below is an example of what a variable looks like in the message.

  8. There are many different variables to choose from, and different variables are available for different types of notifications, below is an example of some of the variables available.

  9. You can also specify how many hours before the appointment you would like to send these notifications.


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