How do I setup my practitioner signature for receipts and SOAP notes?

You can save your signature to SOAP Vault so your signature appears on receipts and SOAP notes.  We strongly suggest setting up your signature on a touch device (smartphone or tablet), since it's much easier to sign with your fingertip rather than a computer mouse.

On a mobile device, follow these steps.

  1. Click Session Screen_Shot_2017-10-10_at_12.55.20_PM.jpg.
  2. Click Signature.
  3. Click Update Signature.
  4. Write your signature.  Press Clear to start over.  Once you're satisfied with the signature, press Save.

Note: When you first add your signature, all previous SOAP notes and receipts will have this signature associated to them.  If you ever decide to update your signature, you can follow the same steps and only future SOAP notes and receipts will have the new signature.

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    Whitney Bysterveldt

    I'm wondering if the signature is supposed to show up on the receipt. I've added my signature on the app and emailed myself a receipt to test it but the signature line is blank. If I can initiate this how do I?

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