How to connect your External Calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook etc.)

You can connect your appointments to an external calendar.  This allows you to view your appointments in other calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or any calendar software which allows you to subscribe to an iCalendar.

The external calendar is a one-way sync, so you will be able to see your appointments in your external calendar, you will need to login to SOAP Vault to update your calendar.  The same steps are available on SOAP Vault mobile by starting off with clicking "My Account" in the sidebar menu.


Step 1: Enable your external calendar

  1. Login as a Practitioner
  2. Click Settings
  3. Under the Calendar heading, click Personal Settings
  4. From this page, ensure the checkbox for Enable External Calendar is checked.
  5. Once "Enable External Calendar" is checked, you will be generated an external calendar feed URL.

Note: This link should be kept private.  Anyone with this link will be able to see the details of your appointments.  Disabling and re-enabling the External Calendar will generate a new link, the previous link will no-longer work.


Step 2: Connecting to your external calendar

Each external calendar program is slightly different.  Please follow the link below for the steps to subscribe to your SOAP Vault calendar.

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    Whitney Bysterveldt

    Followed this and it did not work. Appointments won't show up on my google calendar :(

  • 0
    Sarah Wolf


  • 0
    Kati Lambert

    Appointments show up on my iOS calendar an hour earlier! Where is the option for me to contact a member of the support team? This system claims to be mobile friendly but that hasn't really been my experience.

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    Kati, if the your calendar is off by an hour, you likely have an incorrect timezone set on your computer or within your SOAP Vault account. We're happy to help, just email us at

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    Beth Fannin

    how do I log in as practitioner?

  • 0
    Sheila Quintero

    I cannot get my google calendar to connect with my soap vault calendar.

    does not help.

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