Delete or remove a patient

Patients can only be deleted if they have no SOAP notes.  This means that if you finalize a SOAP note for a patient, they cannot be deleted.  

To delete a patient, follow these steps:

  1. Login as Admin or a Practitioner with Editing Patient Permissions.
  2. Go to a patient's profile page.
  3. Click the dropdown menu 
  4. Click Delete. 

Deleting a patient is permanent.

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    Dr. Maia James-Tidwell DC

    I was trying to move an appointment and the clicked twice. This ended up too easily deleting the entire patient intake. not good.

    That was way too easy to delete all the patient info.

  • 3
    Marissa Sternke

    I don't see any option under the drop down menu to delete a patient, was this removed. If so-- how do I delete a patient.

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    Patients can only be deleted if they have no SOAP notes. Are you sure you don't have any SOAP notes for that patient?

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    Nicole M. Andrews

    i also am unable to delete a client that has no soap note or even an intake form. there is not delete option on the drop down menu


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