Legacy printing of receipt for a patient for a specific period of time

  1. Login as Admin.
  2. Click Billing Activity and then on "Looking for Legacy Finance Report" (top right)
  3. Enter a start date, and end date.
  4. Select Search
  5. You can either Export to CSV or click Print to print a page which lists all treatments grouped by practitioner, along with the practitioner's signature (if they set a signature).


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    Natasha Heath RMT

    Is there a way to print off one receipt, however, for a client who has come in once a month all year and would like all those appointments on a single sheet of paper for their insurance company?

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    Michelle Phillips

    I followed these instructions and it worked in the past.  It is no longer responding and I need to send a client receipt. 

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    Beth Lopez, LMT

    I too need to send a client a receipt that she can submit to her insurance company. She used to be able to access them on her own but with all of the changes, she no longer can and it looks like I can't either. Please help/fix this so my client can have her insurance reimburse her!



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