Adding a patient

Login as an Admin or Practitioner (who has patient editing permissions enabled).

From any page click the + icon in the header.

From there you can add a patient by emailing them their initial intake form.   All you need is their first and last name and an email address and when you hit Send the form will be sent to them directly.  When they fill out the form and click on Save, the information will be saved in your clinic.  The patient does not need to print out the form and bring it in.

Optionally, you can also add a patient by selecting the button that says I will complete the Intake Form now.  The entire form will now be available for you to fill in with the patient. If there is additional information captured, enter it in the subjective box at the bottom of the page.

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    Kristy La Bute

    For clients who are not "tech-savvy", is there a blank SOAP Vault intake form we can print out for them to fill out in paper form, and then we enter in to a digital version afterwards?

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