Adding Agreements to Patient/Client Profiles

You can add agreements and have patients/clients sign them (if enabled) in a variety of ways. Have patients to review and sign agreements prior to appointment, or while in your waiting room.  You can also email agreements or attach them to intake forms.

  1. Click on the Patient's/Client's name
  2. Click on the More Tab
  3. Click on Agreements
  4. Click on the New Agreement button
  5. Click on the Dropdown for Select a Template
  6. Modify the default message and click Save
  7. The form will now be listed within their profile
  8. Click Open Agreement (if you want to email the agreement click the black triangle and select Get Link and email them the link)
  9. Choose Proceed Without Locking or Proceed and Lock (If you are providing the client access to your device, we recommend locking your session. You will be required to enter your password to continue)
  10. Have patient/client read the form over (have them sign if it is required), and click Submit

Learn How to Manage Agreement Templates



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    Andrew Foster

    If we have a touch screen computer, can the patient sign forms directly in the soap note on the computer or sign the form and have it attached to the soap note?


    Thank you

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    Yes, they can sign on the screen.  Forms are automatically linked to SOAP notes when the signature date and treatment date match.  You can see an example in this video here:

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    Erin Everett

    So i am adding forms on the day for client to sign but the date is saying signed the day before? why is this happening and how do I fix it?


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    Hi Erin, we're investigating this issue, thanks.

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